The Multiverse – What is it?

by rokeby on January 8, 2012

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To celebrate the discovery of a planet like earth 40 light years away we’ve decided to choose ‘The multiverse’ as this weeks podcast.

The Multiverse is a cosmological – and some would say, philosophical – theory which explores the idea that our universe is not the only universe that exists. Universes are created and destroyed in an endless cycle of bigbangs and matter collapsing in on itself and this is the story of our own universe.

The reason I mention that multiverse explores the idea of different universes is because there is no one accepted multiverse theory. Exactly how the multiverse works and what it consists of is subject to debate and there are many different schools of thoughts on the issue.

What fascinates me about the multiverse is that I’ve always been plagued by the following question. “If everything began at the big bang then what existed before the big bang?” The standard answer for this is something along the lines that “there was no time before the big bang…so nothing existed.”

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The theory of the multiverse leads to real speculation, however, about what existed before that moment of infinte density and exactly how big bangs are created. Naturally, of course, once we discover that then we’ll want to know how the thing that created universes was created but… anyway.

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